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Seasons, just like the tv show Big Brother... But this is drama just for kids, teens or young adults......Have fun

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Big Brother: The Meridians Season 1 (Regular): The twist was as usual as ever. Their wasn't any twist really. It was just a cast full of drama.  The winner of this season was Will. [Brother Season 1 ]

Big Brother: The Meridians Season 2 (Cliques): The twist was that the 12 houseguest are divided into 3 cliques. Brains, Athletes, and Popular. Whoever wins the Hoh couldn't nominate one of the people in their cliques until the merge, where the game turns regular.The winner was Esmeralda. [Brother Seson 2]

Big Brother: The Meridians Season 3 (Triples): The twist is that the Hoh gets to nominate the two nominees he wants while their is another challenge called the Triple nominee. Whoever gets last in the challenge has to be nominee and cannot be vetoed off the block using the POV.The winner was  Sawyer.[Brother Season 3]

Big Brother: The Meridians Season 4 (All Stars): The twist is that memorable players from season(s) 1, 2 and 3 all compete in this season for a second chance to be the winner of Big Brother. The winner was Aja form season 1. Big Brother All Stars

Big Brother: The Meridians Season 5 (Pandora's Box): The twist is that the Hoh can only nominate 1 person. THe hoh has to open Pandora's box and their coverrd plates with the houseguest names on them. Who ever plate she or he picks up is the second nominee. This seasons actual winner was Leica but with Apat being the twist winner. Big Brother Season 5

Big Brother: The Meridians Season 6 (Blood Versus Water): Passed Houseguest come in the game with a family member , long lasting friend, or a love one and they compete to see if blood is thicker than water! The winner of this season was...TBA!

Big Brother: The Meridians Season 7 (Deluxe: All Stars): The Meridians chose fan favorites from The Meridians Reality Shows and placed them on their fan favorite show Big Brother for a chance at redemption!

Big Brother: The Meridians Season 8 (The Octagon): All new houseguest come into the game with one veteran and all compete to be the new big brother champion and the winner was Paydon.

Big Brother: The Meridians Season 9 (Lucky Nine): Another

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